Maintenance, inspection, and repair are critical elements to ensuring that equipment will perform to specification when used. This is even more critical when location, logistics, and additional support elements are part of the equation. Atlas recognizes the importance of getting it right the first time and takes a proactive approach to mitigate downtime challenges.

Several tools are employed to oversee our evaluation, inspection, and repair of rental and service equipment. Titan™ Digital provides the infrastructure to track our rental equipment, schedule, and perform routine and preventative maintenance while storing detailed testing and qualifying data to ensure the equipment is within specifications. In addition, our Quality Management System (QMS) overarches the process with additional requirements and procedures to confirm further the equipment will perform as designed.

Atlas is committed to maintaining the most reliable rental valves and equipment. A comprehensive QA/QC plan with multi-stage inspection, repair, and testing processes ensures every component is ready to perform at peak performance plus exceed our customer’s expectations.

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