FRAC valve greasing maintenance is critical to ensuring reliable valve operation during critical FRAC operations and stages. However, multi-well FRAC projects, well spacing, and the abundance of support equipment make greasing a challenge logistically while ensuring personnel safety.

Atlas has the answer with its Modular FRAC Valve Greasing solution.  Each well is serviced and connected to a local Greasing Pod located outside the RedZone near the well. Greasing operations are directed from the pod to the specific valve or manifold it supports. This unique approach improves greasing time by reducing the friction loss of viscous grease as compared to more conventional units that are placed 50’-100’ from the well.

Up to six greasing pods are supported from the skid mounted or trailer platform. Bulk grease is fed to the pods through a quick connect manifold and is pneumatically pumped to the pods to ensure grease is ready when needed.

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