Atlas’ Kyber™ Valve Technology delivers new heights in FRAC valve performance. The results of this innovative technology ensures improved safety and performance for the most demanding FRAC operations. Through innovative design improvements, Kyber™ Valves can support a greater duty cycle while supporting the most demanding FRAC operations and mitigating costly equipment repairs.

Kyber™ Valve Technology Features:

  • Improved gate design
  • Reduced cavity design
  • Improved bonnet sealing
  • Low torque, ball screw design
  • Superior stem packing
  • Dual body flush ports
We can support 5″ 15,000, 7″ 10,000, and 7″ 15,000 psi FRAC projects with our fleet of 4-1/16″, 5-1/8″, and 7-1/16″ Manual and Hydraulically Actuated Valves.

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