11" Speed Lock

The 11″ Speed-Lock™ Wellhead System is a compact speed head system offered in 5,000 and 10,000 PSI ratings. This system features a Quick Connect (QC) BOP Connector to save valuable rig time and improve safety. The speed head can support both a high-capacity slip casing hanger or a mandrel casing hanger that will support downhole rotation. This system incorporates Atlas’ Sure-Lock™ Technology, eliminating problem prone external locking pins. Both slip-on-weld and through riser landing designs are available to meet your requirements. For drilling abandonment support, a production casing back pressure valve (BPV) can be set with a quick connect low-profile temporary abandonment (TA) cap. The machine out target flange in the TA cap provides a safe and efficient support for wet shoe contingencies.

11" Speed-Lock™ TA Cap
Abandonment Cap Installed

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