FRAC locations can be a complicated labyrinth of flow lines, hoses, and supporting equipment for FRAC operations on a single well of a multi-well pad. These conditions create unique challenges in layout, logistics, and safety. Atlas recognizes these challenges and has a unique approach to manage FRAC operations while saving time, delivering reliability, and improving safety.

Atlas’ custom-designed Skid Mounted Zipper Manifold solution provides a modular approach to support single and multi-wall FRAC jobs. These multi-adjustable skids offer quick and easy arrangement, a minimal footprint, and an easy setup while improving safety with minimal connections. In addition, conveniently located connections ensure safe and reliable make-up without using man lifts or the need for harnesses.

The easily set FRAC manifolds offer adjustability and flexibility to make up to the FRAC pump output header. This simple approach allows for additional manifolds to be quickly added to support a multi-well pad. This streamlined approach reduces clutter and the number of flow lines on the well site.  Remotely operated hydraulic valves on the well and FRAC manifold further reduce items around the well while providing additional safety for personnel from pressurized equipment and connections.

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Skid Mounted FRAC Manifold