Our Commitment to Quality

Atlas Pressure Control provides innovative, cost-effective equipment and services to the oil and gas industry and provides an exceptional customer experience through business relationships founded on honesty and integrity. The directors, management, and staff are responsible for the Quality Management System (QMS) seeking continuous improvement from all stakeholders, including suppliers. As a result, Atlas Pressure Control accomplishes its goals with quality procedures that meet or exceed customer,  API Q1 9th edition requirements.

Designing in Quality

Our engineering team designs and supports our comprehensive product lines with the latest 3D software, analysis, and evaluation tools to ensure each design meets or exceeds the latest standards and performance criteria. In addition, systems and components are designed to the newest API spec 6A standards and tracked in our comprehensive QMS to ensure that all aspects of design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing achieve the highest quality products possible.

Manufacturing Quality

Quality components begin with the material selection through inspection of the final part. Our comprehensives QMS supports our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure quality with every machining operation. Atlas’ Titan™ digital solution complements our robust QMS with its easy-to-use storage and retrieval of information throughout the manufacturing process and through to the field.

Responsibility of Quality

At Atlas, every employee is responsible for delivering quality; from our leadership team to our technicians in the field, our Quality Policy captures and communicates our plan to surpass our customer’s expectations.

Quality of Service

Atlas is taking the lead with our 5-Star Atlas Platinum Standard. This 5-Star Standard defines and communicates to our customers our goals and expectations on how we perform quality service. From this definition and the extensive training of our personnel, we can respond to our customer needs quickly, professionally, and with great products.

Quality Assurance

We employ the following elements to ensure quality at every level

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Quality Management System manual for API Q1 9th edition
  • Supplier validation process that includes audits, sampling, and qualifications
  • Digital tracking and support from the Titan™ digital system
  • Internal and external audits to ensure continual improvement