13" Multi-Lock™ Compact

The 13″ Multi-Lock™ Compact Wellhead System delivers maximum rig efficiency through its advanced design while improving safety and reliability. Offered in both API 5,000 and 10,000 PSI pressure ratings, the compact, nested, multi-bowl wellhead system delivers proven technology for three string conventional and non-conventional wells.

The highest level of HSE performance is achieved by reduced leak paths, redundant sealing components and metal-to-metal seals in critical environmental areas. Its compact height and quick BOP drilling connection offers easy rig movement and reduced cellar depths, alleviating additional drilling challenges. The system utilizes internal Sure-Lock™ Technology to provide positive retention of components with improved centralization of mandrels, mitigating rig alignment challenges. Innovative design ensures capability to meet your rig spudding requirements with slip-on-weld, landing base, and landing mandrel hanger solutions.

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