The 5-Star Atlas Platinum Standard Raises the Bar for Wellhead Services

Atlas Pressure Control’s very foundation provides the highest quality products, services, and experiences to our customers, from the smallest to the largest. To further that commitment, our 5-Star Platinum Standard serves to define, communicate, and fully support our customers in everything we do to form a long-term relationship. Through our excellent personnel supporting field service, we are committed to responding quickly, professionally with great products and service through our leadership team.

Our Motto – Anyone can deliver products; we provide an exceptional customer experience.

Our Beliefs

  • Access to information is vital to providing the highest level of service and support. Atlas’ Titan™ Digital Service support system delivers real-time service and support information to all stakeholders
  • Atlas wins when we provide responsive technical solutions with exceptional service and support
  • Atlas excels when we exceed our customer’s expectations and inspire them to share their experience with others
  • Executing a partner-like approach with responsive service and innovative products of high quality defines Atlas as the leader in pressure control solutions

Our Service Pledge

  • Provide professional, competent service personnel who go above and beyond, providing exceptional customer service with a goal of “complete satisfaction”
  • Provide exceptional communication in all aspects of planning, onsite service, and post job follow-up
  • We guarantee we have done everything possible to ensure the customer’s business is successful
  • Provide competent professional service personnel with the skills to deliver excellence, act with integrity, and work safely

Our Service Values

  • Represent Atlas in a manner that demonstrates professionalism and respect
  • Continuously train, learn, and grow to be a leader in knowledge of products and services
  • Act in a safe and environmentally conscious manner
  • Own and immediately resolve any internal or customer issue that may arise
  • Build lasting, lifelong relationships with our customers
  • Conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and integrity
  • Respond in a positive, punctual, and courteous manner
  • Deliver a professional appearance and behavior
  • Work as a team, always looking for an opportunity to help others
  • Recognize and praise others when we witness service excellence

It’s All About You—Our Customer

We established the 5-Star Atlas Platinum Standard to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service in the industry. This standard is built upon five core competencies:


Atlas is committed to building long-term partnerships based on trust with their customers instead of simply delivering on a single project. You can trust that we will provide what we promise when we promise. You can trust that your bill will be correct and arrive in a timely manner. You can trust in the integrity of the equipment and its installation.


Atlas has made it a top priority to build the premier team in the industry by bringing in the top-tier employees from across the pressure control space. You will deal with seasoned professionals who have the knowledge and experience to offer sound advice and share solutions that provide you time savings and cost efficiencies.


Situations arise and change rapidly in today’s fast-paced environment. Our company structure allows us to be available for you when things happen and respond quickly with the right solutions for your needs as they occur.


Atlas Wellhead Systems are custom designed by our experienced engineering team, utilizing our patented innovative technology to meet or exceed the latest API standards. Atlas FRAC equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards.


Atlas is committed to the safety of all employees, customers, and vendors. Some companies say safety is a priority, but we consider safety to be an uncompromising value. Our comprehensive health, safety, and environmental management system (HSEMS) governs all company locations to keep employees and all the individuals they interact with safe. Atlas field employees receive the latest industry training and certifications before starting field operations. Our digital HSE Management System tracks all necessary training for each employee and is available to the employees 24/7.

Taking a Leadership Role

We recognize that everyone knows when they have experienced excellent support or service. Still, often it can be just an isolated event or favorable circumstances that make up the positive experience. At Atlas, we are focused on making every experience a great one. Sharing our expectations with both our personnel and our customers is an essential part of achieving this goal. Through this acknowledgment and mutual understanding, we can provide our customers consistent, reliable, and superior service that exceeds their expectations.

Partners for Success

Atlas is committed to surpassing our customer’s expectations to demonstrate we are a true partner. We believe a business relationship built on defined expectations and understanding provides a mutually beneficial path to achieve and exceed any challenges and goals. We invite you to experience this firsthand to receive these exceptional benefits that others are already applauding.