Invented by Heshka Oil and offered exclusively through Atlas Pressure Control, the Snubricator™ provides improved safety, remote control operation, and extended reach beyond traditional lubricator operations. Its patent-pending revolutionary design removes the technician from the dangerous wellhead RedZone. It allows for safe snubbing and retrieving of FRAC plugs, tubing hangers, and back pressure valves with pressure on the well.

The Snubricator™ can safely and effectively manipulate its pressure-balanced polish rod vertically and rotationally within a 15,000 PSI working pressure. The operator controls the Snubricator™ with a panel-mounted touch screen, allowing for safe and precise management of the polish rod outside of the well’s dangerous RedZone. Once installed on the tree, the system initializes, confirming the unit is ready for operation. Then, with the entry of a few operation parameters, a simple tap of the Start button will begin snubbing the tubing hanger into the tubing head.

Are you bending your current polish rods? We eliminate this because we are not trying to fight the well pressure with hydraulic pressure. Instead, pressure is continually balanced above and below the equipment being snubbed-in and set.

With a stroke length of up to 21 Feet, installation and removal through larger 7-1/16″ FRAC stacks is now possible. Alleviating the need to break the stack saves valuable time and reduces additional risks to safety and exposure.

Features and Benefits

  • 15,000 psi Working Pressure
  • (16.7′) 200″ Polish Rod length supports large stacks
  • Small 1-3/8″ Diameter Polish Rod allows for precise and easy manipulation
  • Safe Automated Remote Operation from Touchpad
  • Automatic Continuous Pressure Balancing
  • Precise Vertical Hydraulic Polish Rod Control
  • Supported by Compact Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Supports Manual Rod Manipulation for Contingencies

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